NetSuite supports two type of web services for third-party application integration: Restlet (REST) and SuiteTalk (SOAP). Restlets are a RESTful service which extends the SuiteScript API and are generally fast and, flexible (in terms of development).

SuiteTalk, on the other hand, needs to create the request according to NetSuite’s documented schema from the third-party application or middleware to connect with NetSuite.

We have handful expertise and experience in Restlet and SuiteTalk web services development, we have developed our own suite bundle and integrated following applications:

  • Magento, Shopify & WooCommerce
  • Salesforce, Zoho and Sugar CRM
  • Setster (Appointment Booking)
  • YotPo (Rating & Review)
  • Payment Gateway (USAePay, PayPal, CyberSource)
  • Shipping Method (Pacejet, Purolator)
  • Mailchimp and WordPress

Key Benefits

  • Web services integration platform across NetSuite’s ERP, CRM and eCommerce solution
  • Supports integrated business processes across third-party systems and NetSuite
  • Real-time transactional and master data integration
  • Enables you to leverage existing skills such as Microsoft .NET or Java
  • Error handling and security that support robust integrations.

Key Features

  • Integrates standard NetSuite records and custom objects with your third-party applications
  • Enables integration using Java, .NET, PHP or any other language that supports SOAP-based web services
  • RESTlet framework allows developers to define their own procedures for the standard REST functions i.e.(POST, PUT, GET and DELETE).
  • Sophisticated error handling helps ensure robust, reliable integrations
  • Supports strongly typed custom fields with automatic validation based on the field type
  • Returns exceptions on a record-by-record basis.
  • Manages web service requests by using standard NetSuite authentication, authorization, session management and encryption
  • Ensures web services operations are restricted based on access privileges